Wallet Support

  • List of Wallets Supporting Binance Chain Mainnet
Number Wallet Name Website DEX Feature Available Testnet Support WalletConnect Support
1 Trust Wallet https://trustwallet.com/ Yes Yes Yes
2 Trubi Wallet https://trubi.io/ Yes No Yes
3 Ledger (Hardware Wallet) https://www.ledger.com/ Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi
4 CoolWallet (Hardware Wallet) https://coolwallet.io/ Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi
5 Arkane https://arkane.network/ Yes Yes No
6 Enjin https://enjinwallet.io/ No No No
7 Magnum Wallet https://magnumwallet.co/ Yes No Yes
8 Coinomi Wallet http://coinomi.com/ Yes No Yes
9 Atomic Wallet https://atomicwallet.io/ No No Yes
10 ZelCore Wallet https://zeltrez.io/ Yes No Yes
11 Infinito Wallet https://www.infinitowallet.io/ Yes No Yes
12 Math Wallet https://www.mathwallet.org/en/ Yes No Yes
13 Ellipal Wallet https://www.ellipal.com/ Yes No No
14 Exodus https://www.exodus.io/ No No No
15 HooWallet https://hoo.com/ No No No
16 MEET.ONE Wallet https://meet.one/ Yes No Yes
17 Guarda Wallet https://guarda.co/ No No No
18 DDEX Wallet https://ddex.io/ Yes No No
19 Equal Wallet https://equal.tech/ Yes Yes Yes
20 Pundi X Wallet https://pundix.com/ No No No
21 Arax Wallet https://arax.io No No No
22 SafePal Wallet (Hardware Wallet) https://www.safepal.io Yes No Yes
23 Zengo Wallet https://zengo.com/ No No No
24 TokenPocket Wallet https://www.tokenpocket.pro/ No No Yes
25 Cobo Wallet https://cobo.com/ No No Yes
26 Midas Wallet https://www.midasprotocol.io No No No
27 Cosmostation Wallet https://www.cosmostation.io/ No Yes Yes
28 Trezor https://trezor.io/ No No Yes
29 Mixin https://mixin.one No No No
30 Ownbit https://ownbit.io No No No
31 Frontier https://frontierwallet.com/ No Yes No
32 D'CENT Wallet https://dcentwallet.com/ No Yes No
33 Infinity Wallet (Desktop Wallet) https://infinitywallet.io/ Yes No Yes
34 BitKeep Wallet (App & Chrome) https://bitkeep.com/ Yes No Yes