How to use ezDeFi for Binance Smart Chain

Install ezDeFi

Go to to install the most recent version of ezDeFi.

Download ezDeFi Mobile App wallet on Apple Appstore or the Google PlayStore and ezDeFi Browser Extension on Chrome Webstore

Launch the mobile app (or browser extension) in order to start a new wallet.

Get ready by completing the initial setup.

Getting the Binance Smart Chain

On mobile app, go to "Setting" => "Advanced Setting" => "Custom RPC Network" to see default Binance Smart Chain . On browser extension, go to "Setting" => "Network" to see default Binance Smart Chain

Add BNB token in your wallet

On mobile app, tap on the "Add more", search for "Smart Chain", tap on the "+" button and create new address of BNB token

On browser extension, click on "More Assets", search for "Smart Chain", select BNB token

Back to mains creen to see BNB token already added on mobile app (or browser extension)

Add a address of BNB token

You can add new addrew address by create new, add Existed Address or import of the other wallet

Create New, or add Existed address of the other token

Import from Private key, from Phrase recovery (or Mnemonic phrase), or from Read only address (or account)

Sending BNB token

On mobile app

On browser extension

Access Binance Smart Chain DApps

ezDeFi Wallet is fully compatible with Binance Smart Chain DApps.

On mobile app

On browser extension

ezDeFi at a glance

ezDeFi “Global Payment Ecosystem Based On Blockchain” has 4 key products: Public blockchain, Mobile app wallet, Browser Extension wallet, and Payment gateway. ezDeFi wallet has 2 versions: mobile application and browser extension with features of multi-chain, multi-address, cloud backup, and app-extension sync. ezDeFi Payment Gateway supports merchants with a wide range of blockchains and e-commerce platforms namely: WHMCS, woo-commerce, EDD, and more with a low transaction fee, no-chargeback, and multiple cryptocurrency integration. In 2019, ezDeFi has acquired 523 clients using Payment Gateway, 2000+ downloads for wallets of both mobile app and browesr extension