Cross-Chain Support for Binance Smart Chain

The ability ot transfer tokens cross-chain is an essential need. This allows users to transfer their funds from one blockchain network to another. Keeping the importance of cross-chain support in mind, multiple networks now have their respective "bridges" to help in easy fund transfers. Following is a list of bridges and exchanges that support cross-chain transfer of BSC with other tokens.

List of Cross-chain Apps Supporting Binance Smart Chain

Type Name Website Tutorial
Fungible Token Infinity Wallet Link
Fungible Token Anyswap Link
Fungible Token
Fungible Token xDai link
Fungible Token link
Fungible Token allbridge link
Fungible Token renbridge link
Fungible Token cBridge link
Fungible Token AtomicDEX link
Fungible Token Synapse link
NFT pNetwork link
NFT curvegrid link