Buy BNB as Gas


This feature is available in v2

Why do we need this feature?

When users swap their tokens to the BEP20 equivalents on Binance Smart Chain, they also need to get some BNB to pay for gas.


  • The destination network has to be Binance Smart Chain
  • The token is a popular BToken, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, BUSD
  • The total of your swap order has to be greater than 2BNB

How many BNB you can get?

There are 3 options: 0.5 BNB, 1BNB and 2 BNB

User Guide

1. Input your order information


2. Check the box "I want to swap some BNB gas in this order"

3. Choose BNB amount

4. Confirm the order information


The network fee should be the sum of the fee for swapping assets and the fee for purchasing BNB on your behalf.


The network fees are floating, you might get a different rate than you expected when your order is completed.

The actual amount of network fee you have to pay is network fee*(1-discount) When the discount is 100%, the network fee is free.

5. Complete the deposit transaction by sending the exact amount of token to the address shown


6. You can also verify the order process from the “History” board.



The actual amount of token you receive can be different from the confirmation page

Calculation formula:

Received token = Input amount - network fee - cost to buy BNB