For v1.1.0:

checksum: 39e311c37a9844b4dd7fb218553cc99f

For v1.0.7:

March snapshot: download (146 GB, md5sum 74ada3bcd6a9d0f101501919f6cc8a534e9d796e)

February snapshot: download (87.4 GB, md5sum 6611dedde095ba9b72b50ebf6c35a8d7)

The following commands are step by step instructions for BSC node operators that can be used for two major use-cases:

  1. Fixing nodes that are stuck or crashed;
  2. Jumpstarting a newly setup validator node; avoid waiting some hours for synchronization

Basically, a compressed version of the last-known "good" chaindata is downloaded. Remove the node's old data and update it with the newly downloaded data. Finally, restart the sync-process from this known-good checkpoint.

Note: Ensure there is enough disk space for both the zip file AND its uncompressed contents. Double the space or more.

Download March Snapshot from CLI using wget

wget --no-check-certificate --no-proxy ''

Tip: extract the data in background

In case you can not wait for the extraction to finish, you can run it in the background

# Extract the data
nohup unzip  /NAME_OF_YOUR_HOME/node/geth/ -f &
# Start your node back
geth --config ./config.toml --datadir ./node --syncmode snap