How to Delegate

Delegate with Binance Extension Wallet

Detailed user guide is here

Create an account if necessary

Please refer to this guide on how to create a wallet with Binance Extension Wallet

Go to the staking page:

Unlock your wallet


Click on “Connect Wallet”


Swtich to Binance Chain Network

If you are using Binance Smart Chain, please follow these steps to switch network:

  • Click on "Change Network"


  • Choose "Binance Chain Network"


Choose a validator


  • Click on “delegate” and input the amount


  • Confirm your transaction in extension wallet




  • your delegation overview


You can see the staking history from


Delegate with Binance Chain Command line

Download bnbcli

Please follow the guides here

Verify your balance is enough

Fee for Delegate Smart Chain Validatoris 0.001BNB

The minimum delegated amount is 1BNB.

Choose a validator

You can use bnbcli or tbnbcli for querying the list of current validators.

## mainnet
bnbcli staking side-top-validators --top 10 --side-chain-id=bsc --chain-id=Binance-Chain-Tigris

## testnet
tbnbcli staking side-top-validators --top 10 --side-chain-id=chapel --chain-id=Binance-Chain-Ganges

Delegate BNB

You can use bnbcli or tbnbcli to delegate some of BNB to a validator

Go to explorer to verify your transactions.

## mainnet
bnbcli staking bsc-delegate --chain-id Binance-Chain-Tigris --side-chain-id bsc --from bnb1tfh30c67mkzfz06as2hk0756mgdx8mgypu7ajl --validator bva1tfh30c67mkzfz06as2hk0756mgdx8mgypqldvm --amount 1000000000:BNB --home ~/home_cli

## testnet
tbnbcli staking bsc-delegate --chain-id Binance-Chain-Ganges --side-chain-id chapel --from tbnb1tfh30c67mkzfz06as2hk0756mgdx8mgypu7ajl --validator bva1tfh30c67mkzfz06as2hk0756mgdx8mgypqldvm --amount 1000000000:BNB --home ~/home_cli

Undelegate BNB

You can use bnbclior tbnbcli to undelegate some bonded BNB from a validator

Redelegate BNB

You can use bnbclior tbnbcli to redelegate some bonded BNB from a validator

For Testnet

Enable Testnet Configuration


Get some testnet fund from faucet

Go to this faucet page:

Transfer BNB from BSC to BC

Please refer to this guide