Chain Data Snapshots

A snapshot is a recording of the state of Binance Chain at a particular block height.

Latest snapshot of July 1st: download

Size: 353 GB

Snapshot of June 1st: download

Size: 309 GB

sha256sum: c6ba5edbf1b424696eec670f4dad864e09ebbae46c3c127360e1d1f15e27d4df)

This snapshot can be used for jumpstarting a newly setup fullnode to avoid waiting a long time for getting all blocks. In Binance Chain, the average block time is less than a second. As a result, it will take several weeks to sync from genesis block.


Ensure there is enough disk space for both the tar file AND its uncompressed contents. Double the space or more.

  1. Download Archive

    nohup curl -s\?AWSAccessKeyId=\AKIAYINE6SBQPUZDDRRO\&Expires=\1621148533\&Signature=\BQCDLF9UwALesZwGiW6mCfK5Kiw%3D > data_20200717.tgz &

  2. Extract File to replace the contents under data folder of home directory

    tar -xzf data_20200717.tgz -d $HOME/data

  3. Start your node

    bnbchaind start