Binance Chain is a blockchain developed by Binance and its community that implements a vision of a decentralized exchange (DEX) for digital assets.

At the heart of Binance Chain is a highly performant matching engine built on distributed consensus that aims to replicate the <1 second trading efficiency of current centralized exchanges.

Binance Chain transactions burns BNB (the native token of the Binance ecosystem), according to a fee schedule.

Binance Chain also includes efforts to implement listing assets from other chains, and cryptographic primitives such as threshold signatures.


Binance Chain has the basic features of most blockchains:

  • Sending and receiving BNB and digital assets
  • Issuing new digital assets (we have a standard called BEP-2)
  • Mint/burn, freeze/unfreeze, lock/unlock of digital assets

It has DEX and trading-specific functionality:

  • Propose exchange listing for trading pairs
  • Creating maker/taker orders for traders
  • Listing assets from other chains using atomic swaps (BEP-3)

Binance Chain also implements new features, such as

  • Threshold Signatures (an alternative to multisig)
  • Smart Contracts sidechain (in-progress)


There are different ways to participate in the network, from light nodes to full validators.

Binance Chain follows a philosophy of progressive decentralization. We envision a future where organizations and individuals can run validator nodes, and BNB can be staked to join governance.