Exchange Integration

Use Public Services

There are some public nodes running by Binance Chain community which allows you to interact with the blockchain. There are two ways:


There are some accelerate nodes which provides some advanced API services for the public. Here is a list of all the Rest API information it provides:

Node RPC

There are some data seed node in the network which allow users perform low-level operations like executing ABCI queries, viewing network/consensus state or broadcasting a transaction. If you run a full node by yourself, you can also use those RPC functions. Here is a list of all the Node RPC services it provides:

Run your own full node

Running a full node requires a much more technical resources, and you need to allocate more hardware/bandwidth resources. Please refer to this guide about how to run your own node.

Access via Node Command Line Interface (CLI)

A Command Line Interface is available for Linux and Mac platforms. Please refer to the CLI Reference.

Use SDKs

There are two advanced sdk solutions for Binance chain: Java and Golang. Both solutions provide functions for: Create wallets and manage keys Encode/sign transactions and submit to Binance Chain/DEX, including Transfer, New Order, Cancel Order, etc. * Communicate with Binance Chain/DEX Node RPC calls through public node RPC services or your own private full nodes

Please refer to its documents for more informations: