Exchange Integration

Public Services

There are public nodes running by Binance Chain community which will allow you to interact with the blockchain.


Accelerated nodes provide advanced API services for the public.
List of all the Rest API information available on accelerated node can be found: here

Node RPC

There are multiple data seed node in the network which allow users to perform low-level operations like executing ABCI queries, broadcasting a transaction or viewing network/consensus state.
If you run a full node by yourself, you can also use those RPC functions.
List of all endpoints Node RPC service provides can be found: here

Full Node

Running a full node requires considerable computational/bandwidth resources.
Please refer to this guide about how to run your own node.

Access via Node Command Line Interface (CLI)

Command Line Interface is currently available for Linux, Mac and Windows.
Please refer to the CLI Reference.


There are multiple advanced SDK solutions available for Binance chain.
Majority of SDKs provide simplified functions to:

  • Create wallets and manage keys
  • Encode/sign transactions and submit to Binance Chain/DEX, including Transfer, New Order, Cancel Order, etc.
  • Communicate with Binance Chain/DEX via Node RPC calls through public node RPC services or your own private full nodes

List of currently available SDKs and their respective documentations: